Is The Doctor a good man?

Hello again.

Well we are just over five weeks until Doctor Who is back on our screens and I am getting more excited by the day.

The title of this blog is inspired by the line uttered by Capaldi’s Doctor in the trailer for the new series. However this line alone inspire many different thoughts about The Doctor and about the series.

Since my last blog I thought about what I had written regarding The End of Time, Tennant’s last episodes. I thought I was being a tad harsh about this two part story which ended his and Davies’ reign. So I went and re watched it. I was amazed at what I discovered. In part two of the story the Time Lords were about to hatch the plan to plant the drum beat into the Master’s head…. but hold on. One of the Time Lords said that it was the last days of the Time War, The Doctor had gone missing, he was in possession of the Moment and that he was not afraid to use it. In Tennant’s last episode!!! I have never heard this before! That is directly relating to The Day of The Doctor.

I then started thinking back to last weekend. I was sat in the Supertheatre in Earl’s Court and the three men in front of me; Steven Moffat, John Hurt and Paul McGann, who were answering questions from the audience. A girl asked that in the new trailer for series 8 Capaldi utters the line;

“Clara, am I a good man?”

With that in mind, what did Steven Moffat consider to be the makings of a good man?

He answered that a good man is someone who strives to do the right thing. Not someone who does the right thing by accident.

As we know The Doctor constantly strives to do the right thing and as peacefully as possible. He does not always succeed. If he does succeed it may not have been directly to do with his actions. His companions can over rule him and get it so right, as Amy did in The Beast Below when, as The Doctor was about to put the space whale out of its misery, she made Liz 10 abdicate and release the creature from its torture. The space whale then went on to continue to carry the passengers to safety.

Yes, The Doctor is a good man.

River killed a good man. The Doctor.

A Good Man Goes to War.

Matt Smith’s Doctor changed the course of his history AND his future. John Hurt’s War Doctor was going to destroy the Time Lords and the Daleks by taking the Moment and pressing that big red button. But Clara showed Matt Smith’s Doctor that instead of him and his Tennant self shouldering the burden of that responsibility of that day, there was another way. All of the Doctors circled Gallifrey with their TARDISes (TARDI ??) and hid their home planet. And it was not just twelve Doctors, but all THIRTEEN !!

Seeing Capaldi’s eyes had me jumping all over the sofa, I can tell you.


So where am I going with all of this? Do I have a point?

Yes I do. And it is only one point I have to make.

Clara helps each Doctor at some point during their lives. Capaldi’s Doctor has to prove to himself that he is a good man. Clara knows what is supposed to happen at the Gallifrey moment and has to get him there.

So that is my prediction for the first episode. She has to get him to that moment in order for it to happen.

Take what you will from my little observations. Let’s just see.

Until next time.



My first Doctor Who blog!


Here we go with my first blog about Doctor Who. Geronimo!

So, about me… I am a new Who fan, although I did watch it as a kid. But I do not remember it ever being this addictive. Tom Baker was my first Doctor and I used to sit cross legged in front of the television every Saturday. That and Jim’ll Fix it, but let’s not go there eh?

When it returned in 2005 I was not at all interested, but the furore about some chap called David Tennant being announced as the new Doctor caught my attention. I started watching a couple of the Eccleston episodes and was really entertained, but not thoroughly convinced. Before Tennant began his role I caught up on the Eccleston era and was ready for The Christmas Invasion.

I was hooked!

This began my love affair with the series.

I would bore my girlfriend with plot points and character developments, although she really wasn’t interested. She would half watch it with me, but that was about all.

As for me, I loved Tennant’s manic bouncing around, his melancholic self depravation, his inability to recover from losing Rose, his amazing chemistry with Catherine Tate as the amazing Donna Noble.

Then everything changed on the night of the 29th of October 2008. While accepting a National Television Award on a live video link, as he was appearing on stage as Hamlet, David Tennant stunned audiences by announcing that he was stepping down as The Doctor! I was crushed. How could he do this? What will happen to the programme? What will happen to me?

It could not get any worse.

However it did!

Who the hell was this boy? This little upstart? This…. Matt Smith?? What made him think that he could fill Tennant’s shoes?

Not only that, but the head writer of the show, the man who brought Doctor Who into my life, made it cool and amazing and silly and funny and heart-breaking, Russell T Davies was also leaving! The only saving grace to that news was that Steven Moffat was coming in to replace him. Now I have been a huge fan of The Moff since I was a kid when I was hooked on Press Gang. Then I absolutely adored Coupling. Those scripts were amazingly clever and hugely funny. This change was not going to be a bad one at all.

I lapped up the specials leading up to Tennant’s departure. And then it was the big one. The two parter! Bernard Cribbins aka Wilfred Mott was a perfect companion. The story was a little slow, tedious, bland and I didn’t really want to see my Doctor all downbeat and serious. But the inevitable end came and the sonic screwdriver was handed to Matt Smith.

I was nervous as hell that Easter. The other half had been to London for the day and was not due back until late. I will skip actually watching the episode to her walking in that night.

“Well…?”, she asked.

“I really like him! I didn’t want to, but I really did!”.

She even sat down with me to watch it again as she was really curious herself. She loved it.

Moffat really stamped his mark from that first episode.

Smith and Gillan had amazing chemistry. The likes of which we had not seen since Tennant and Tate, but in an oh so different way. River Song appeared later in the series and hit the ground running as we drifted through time and space to find out who she really was.

This really was Doctor Who at its finest.

The Smith era really was perfect and culminating in the 50th celebration. We travelled to London for the big 50th at the Excel Centre the day after the special had aired. We were full of excitement being in the room with The Moff, Smith and Coleman. We also saw a talk including Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy. It was brilliant. We had previously been to Cardiff to the Doctor Who Experience, which was amazing. Then last weekend we went to the London Film and Comic Con at Earl’s Court. We already had tickets, but it was announced just a few days before that on the day we were going, there would be a Doctor Who talk with The Moff, Paul McGann and the legend that is John Hurt! Needless to say that a ticket was purchased as soon as I got to the venue and I could not have wished for anything more. I got to speak to them in the Q and A. I told Moff I was a huge fan (I did call him Steven) and John Hurt answered my question!!

I felt it was the right time to start this blog with Peter Capaldi’s episodes starting in a few short weeks.

I am aware that I have left lots out, but I am giving myself something to say in future blogs.

I hope I haven’t bored you. I look forward to writing my next blog about my reaction to the Capaldi casting, who I wanted to get the role, more about the talk from last weekend and my thoughts on where series 8 will go.

Bye for now.